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Print Advertising (Trade & Consumer)
Brochures & Catalogs
Web Site Design
Flash Banners
Annual Reports
Sales & Product Data Sheets
Product & Service Promotions
Package Design
Corporate Identity/Logo Design
Illustration and Graphics
Trade Show Graphics Displays
Photography/Photo Art Direction
Creative Copywriting
Newsletters, Press Releases, Reports and More..

The GibsonDesign Process
Working on a per project basis, GibsonDesign's approach to the design process is simple yet effective. It involves 3 basic steps:
1. We provide a comprehensive cost/quote breakdown.
2. We gather all pertinent input to produce several design/headline concept alternatives.
3. We refine the design and produce the final art.
Over the years, we have developed this efficient system to provide maximum creativity, delivering the targeted message on-time and within budget, with minimum supervision.

Initial Meeting/Pricing
We meet with the client to better understand the scope of the project. This meeting provides an opportunity to share insights, ideas and perspectives. From this meeting, we provide a cost breakdown based on the elements needed to produce the job. These elements can include, design concept alternates (comps), creative headline choices, copywriting, illustrations, photography, stock photography, paper stock recommendations, mechanical production and printing.

Creative Development

We try to immerse ourselves in your business and develop your unique selling proposition (USP) to differentiate your product or service from the competition in a positive, appealing and compelling way. Upon budget approval, we gather all pertinent information available to produce the correct message. Some of the information that we analyze is: company history, unique advantages of the product or service, any weaknesses, competition, target audience and project objectives. We also try to pick-up any existing logos, photographic scans, illustrations or relevant copy. Based on this input, we create several design/headline choices (comps) and submit them electronically in PDF format.

Final Production and Presentation

Once a design is selected, we work with the client and refine it. This process can take several revisions until the final is approved. The final output is a high-resolution digital document created in a combination of Mac based software including Adobe CS3 InDesign®, Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Dreamweaver® and Flash®. A final hi-res PDF is submitted for approval. Upon final approval, the document will be submitted to a printer, magazine publication, or uploaded to a server. During the printing process, we make sure the final printing comes out correctly by attending an on-site press check and making last minute color adjustments as necessary.